ASAP Youth Donations

Are you part of a team or program in need of donations? Do you or someone you know have a home (or homes) they would like to sell? If so, your program could be eligible for unlimited $1,000 donations from Portlock Properties. 


ASAP (Assisting Student Academics & Programs) is a program that gives donations or sponsorships to teams, programs, and other organizations in exchange for listing a home with Tom Portlock. If you or someone you know are planning to sell a home, listing with Tom Portlock could grant your program of choice with a $1,000 donation.


A member of your group (or someone they know) lists a home for sale with Portlock Properties, and chooses to use the ASAP Program with your youth group or school program as the recipient. Listing the home grants your program the $1,000 donation. A sale of the home is NOT required to receive the donation, and there is no limit to how many donations a program can receive.


Tom Portlock, a local realtor with over 30 years of servicing the Portland area, is partnering with Portland schools and youth organizations to bring you donation opportunities. This is our way of giving back to the local communities we have been so fortunate to be a part of.

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Conditions for Utilizing the ASAP Program:

·       Certificate of donation specifying the recipient of the donation, and the procuring party, to be signed by the home seller and Tom Portlock at the time of entering into the listing agreement.

·       Listing agreement period for residential or multi-family property to not be less than 90 days. 

·       Donation check to be submitted to the recipient within 30 days from the Listing Market Date of the listing contract.

·       Tom Portlock, as donor, reserves the right to make a $1,000.00 payment to the recipient as “Donation” or “Sponsorship”.

·       Recipient team or program agrees in advance to allow Tom Portlock to utilize their name in promotion and advertising related to the donation. 

·       Recipient agrees to make a good-faith effort to publicize the donation to their school, organization, members, and parents upon receipt of the donation.   

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