iBuyer-Instant Cash Offers

Do you really need to prepare your home, list with a traditional Real Estate Brokerage, and put your home on the open market to get it sold?...Maybe not! 

With iBuyer Cash Offers you get real cash offers, andGo To Market Listing Valuation.  We’ll help you break down your options in a side by side comparison and see which works best for your unique situation, at no cost or obligation to you.

  * Instant iBuyer Cash Offers vs. Traditional Broker Listing

To Compare your options click here  www.cashbuyeroffers.com

What Are iBuyers?

iBuyers are companies that purchase homes outright, directly from the owner. The seller doesn’t have to pay an agent, list the home, stage it, market it, or even show it to potential buyers. Instead, they tell the iBuyer about the property—things like its age, condition, and zip code—and using data and mathematical algorithms, the iBuyer predicts the home’s future value.

The iBuyer will then present the seller with a cash offer, which they can accept or decline. If they accept, they get their cash within a few days (or weeks, depending on the closing date they choose), and they’re free to purchase another property or use their profits as they wish.

Tom Portlock, of Portlock Properties brokered by eXp Realty,llc is an iReal Estate Pro Certified Agent with 30 years Real Estate experience.

What’s an iReal Estate Pro™️ Certified Agent?

A realtor who has excelled at the most rigorous training to guide you through the process to obtain multiple offers on your home. These Realtors can secure the highest offers by submission of details on your home. Now you can get real offers even before the traditional listing/showings process begins. These Certified Realtors know the iBuyer & Institutional Investor options available to homeowners. iREPs can provide solutions, as well as detailed insight and numerous options for homeowners in today’s real estate technology.


Speaking with a iREP Certified Realtor professional is intelligent for a homeowner as our market climate continues to evolve. Through comprehensive training and experience, iREP Certified Realtors have the tools to help homeowners find the best solutions to avoid uncertainty.

What’s an iReal Estate Pro™️ Certified Agent?

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